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Features of the Trim Ion TI-9000

A Healthy Life begins with TRim Antioxidant Water every day

Double Auto-change Cross-Line System

Antioxidant water is produced by using electrolysis. This is the same process used for metal plating, and as a result it always results in a film or scale forming on the electrodes. The better the electrolysis performance the greater the amount of scale. Eventually, as the scale accumulates, electrolysis performance deteriorates. To prevent this problem the TI-9000 reverses the polarity of the electrodes each time a set volume of water has been treated. This causes the tank producing acidified water and the tank producing antioxidant (alkaline) water to be switched as well. The lines to the two tanks are then switched over by using a valve. This process eliminates the scale that has built up on the electrodes in the electrolysis tanks and ensures that plentiful antioxidant water can be produced over a long period of time. This setup is called the double auto change cross-line system. In the TI-9000 it is used in places to prevent problems arising from variations in water pressure and to provide more stable production of antioxidant water.

Principle of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a process whereby an electric current is passed through water containing an electrolyte (a mineral ion, for example), causing oxidation and reduction reactions that would not otherwise have occurred. The water on the anode side is oxidized and the water on the
cathode side is reduced, thus antioxidant water is produced.

Switching Regulator Control System

The quality of tap water varies depending on the time of year, water temperature, the region, and so on. In order to produce antioxidant ater of the same quality, a constant electrical current must flow through the water in the electrolysis tanks. The Trim Ion TI-9000 is equipped with a switching regulator-control system that gives priority to setting the amperage and selects the appropriate voltage automatically. This makes it possible to produce antioxidant water of consistent quality, even though the quality of tap water may fluctuate

Twin Safety Valves

To prevent hot water from flowing into the electrolysis tanks, the Trim Ion TI-9000 is equipped with a valve that uses a shape memory alloy to route hot water to a bypass system. In addition, it has a safety valve, to prevent damage from excessively high tap-water pressure.

High-Capacity (12 Tons) Water Cleaning Catridge

The large water cleaning cartridge measures 250 mm by 95 mm and lasts about one year, assuming an average family water usage of  about 35 liters per day. (This service life estimate assumes a concentration of residual chlorine in the untreated tap water of 2 ppm and a  concentration of 0.4 ppm following filtering by the water cleaning cartridge.)

Replacement of Water Cleaning Cartridge Bleep and Lamp Indication (with Backup Function)

The water cleaning cartridge of the Trim Ion TI-9000 has a capacity of 12 tons of water. A flow volume meter in the unit keeps track of the amount of water that has been cleaned, and sounds a bleep and flashes an indicator lamp when the water cleaning cartridge needs replacing.

Multiple Tank Electrolysis System with Eight Cells
To achieve efficient electrolysis performance, a large amount of electricity per water unit volume must be used. The Trim Iom TI-9000 employs a multiple tank design with eight cells to maximize electrolysis efficiency.
Waterproof Embossed Touch Switches


Since it is often used next to the sink, the Trim Ion TI-9000 has waterproof embossed touch switches to prevent damage from splashing

Melody Sound Volume Adjustment Switch
A melody plays to inform you when the Trim Ion TI-9000 is making antioxidant water. The sound volume is adjustable.
Maximum Production Volume of Eight Liters per Minute

The Trim Ion TI-9000 has an amply rated amperage of 5 A (maximum) and can produce up to eight liters of antioxidant water per minute.

Branch Tap Connector and Full Set of Adapters included
The Trim Ion TI-9000 comes with a total of seven adapters, including a multi adapter, so it can be connected easily to any type of faucet.
Over current Protection

When electrolysis is performed on tap water containing large amounts of electrolyte, a very large current flow can result. The Trim Ion TI-9000 is designed to ensure that the electrical current remains constant.

Over heating Protection
When an electrolysis apparatus is used in regions where the tap water contains large amounts of electrolyte, overheating can result. The Trim Ion TI-9000 is equipped with an overheating protection device to prevent this.
Surge Absorber for Protection Against Lightning

The Trim Ion TI-9000 is protected against damage from lightning-included power surges by a built-in protection circuit.